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All Together Now Released

December 14, 2014

The single was officially released to download last night at midnight (UK time)

Currently #1 on Amazon "Hot New Releases" Chart



#5 on Amazon "Singles Charts"


Release Date Sunday December 14 2014


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All Proceeds to The Red Cross & The Shorncliffe Trust.


Buy a physical copy on Monday AM (UK ONLY)

#AllTogetherNow CD single from next Monday. The CD will have an exclusive b-side so it's well worth buying it at £1.99 as well as a download!

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Produced By Simon Britton


Why We Should Send All Together Now To The Xmas Number One - See more at: http://louderthanwar.com/why-we-should-send-all-together-now-to-the-xmas-number-one/#sthash.AMgSHioz.dpuf

December 10, 2014

All Together Now the Charity Record?

Whilst any monies made will go to charity, being compared to other records out there is a little disingenuous to those involved in making this record (who fully understand what this record is about) & the truce soldiers of WW1.

Sorry but All Together Now 2014 is more than a charity record, the song is and always has been an anti-war song, The Peace Collective are promoting a message (hence the name), we repeat that message daily, The Farm have been repeating it for the last 25-years, this song commemorates peace & those that chose not to fight on Christmas day 1914. It’s a tribute to those brave souls, English & German ordinary folk, who found they had more in common with each other than the aristocracy who sent them there to die.

You cannot compare this to XFactor, Band Aid 30 or any of the other record being made in the name of, they are vehicles in aid of, whose purpose is raising money, the rights or wrong of, I will not debate here. All Together Now exists because of that moment Christmas day 1914, one of humanities greatest ever stories, I struggle to imagine the bravery of those men taking that first step into no man’s land, who were not only at risk of being shot by their supposed enemy, they risked being executed by their own country for fraternizing with that enemy. A spirit stronger than war was at work that night, humanity at its best in my opinion, with that in mind there’s a lot humanity can learn from those men on Christmas day 1914, that’s the message, that story is used now to educate and long may it continue, we’ve tried to keep it alive for 25-years enshrined in a song, you can do more with music than just making money, we can question & educate, demonstrate & challenge, therefore this is not just a charity record!

We do not want money from this, however a consequence of selling records is that, if you sell enough, the record makes money, we do not want that money so we decided to give whatever monies are made to The Red Cross, who are normally the first in any war zone /global tragedy clearing up the mess governments make (they R+ do not have an ego that needs feeding unlike some!!), and The Shorncliffe Trust who are trying to keep the memory of this event alive!!

Be under no illusion as to why we are doing this!

Maybe that’s why radio isn’t playing this record as much as it should, and some just want to pigeon hole it as just another Charity Record..




★ Amazon (CD) … bit.ly/peaceamazoncd

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Text GET PEACE to 84222. Track sent on 15/12/2014.

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- See more at: http://louderthanwar.com/why-we-should-send-all-together-now-to-the-xmas-number-one/#sthash.AMgSHioz.dpuf

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Altogether Now - why this song is making a comeback after 25 years

December 10, 2014

Please watch this great interview from ITV television with Peter Hooton talking about #AllTogetherNow


Formed in Liverpool the band 'The Farm' had a huge selection of hits but one of their most recognisable songs is being re-released next Monday. 'Altogether now' was written by frontman Peter Hooton and is being re-released as a special charity single. It has a special meaning reflecting on the Christmas truce in the First World War. All proceeds will go to theRed Crossand the Shorncliffe Trust, a military history charity.


'Something To Hold On To' featuring Ron Sexsmith has been added to the BBC Radio 2 Playlist!

December 10, 2014

From the brand new CD "Engelbert Calling" Order your copy today and have it delivered by Dec 12

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More details here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/playlist


The Calendars Are Shipping!

December 10, 2014

(as promised and previously explained all orders received PRIOR to Dec 12 will ship BY Dec 15 2014)


The PERFECT Christmas Gift For All Engelbert fans!


Why All Together Now should be Christmas No.1, by The Peace Collective: “We are the underdogs”

December 09, 2014


By Rob Copsey

The Farm singer Peter Hooton tells us why he has re-recorded the band’s hit single with an all-star cast and why it should be this year’s Official Christmas Number 1.

Next week (December 15) will see all manner of songs battle it out for the Official Christmas Number 1; and if the bookies are anything to go by, it’s a race between this year’s X Factor winner, Band Aid 30, an Iron Maiden Facebook campaign and The Peace Collective.

The latter have re-recorded The Farm’s 1990 hit All Together Now with a mammoth all-star cast ranging from dance duo Gorgon City to Engelbert Humperdinck.

Of course, it’s all in the name of charity, but history dictates that the British public love to get behind a festive charity single. OfficialCharts.com caught up with The Farm’s frontman Peter Hooton to find out how he rates his chances at bagging the Christmas Number 1

How did the Peace Collective campaign come about? There’s a huge mix of artists involved, which must have been tricky to pull off?!

“The Premier league approached us several months ago to see if we would consider re-recording our song All Together Now. They hold a Christmas Truce tournament in Belgium every Dec, which was inspired by the original version and they thought it would be good to get some of their Academy Under 12 players from the Premier League and the Bundesliga singing on it for the 100th anniversary of the truce to commemorate peace and reconciliation between Britain and Germany.

“We thought it was a great idea but wanted to open it up to other artists. There’s an eclectic mix on the Peace Collective version from contemporary groups like Clean Bandit/Gorgon City to legends like Suggs, Mick Jones, David Gray, Julian Lennon, The Proclaimers, Gabrielle, Jah Wobble, Leo Sayer, John Power, Holly Johnson, Englebert Humperdinck… the list goes on and on. Some of them were The Farm’s friends/contacts and some were the producers Simon Britton’s. It took a couple of months to pull it all together with the help of the Sensible Studio team.”

Obviously it’s first and foremost a charity single, but is there a part of you that would still like it to claim the title of 2014’s Official Christmas Number 1?

“First and foremost we wanted to make a record that would stand the test of time but obviously to challenge for the Official Christmas Number 1 would be a fantastic. We are definitely the underdogs as we have no marketing budget as such and are relying upon goodwill and favours from some brilliant people in the music industry and football. I think it would be a symbolic Number 1 promoting peace and commemorating the extraordinary events of 1914 when there was a brief period of humanity during the horrors of warfare."

The bookies have you down as one of the favourites to claim the Number 1; how do you rate your chances?

“Obviously X Factor are the favourites they have guaranteed publicity every weekend but over 13 million people have already watched the Sainsbury’s advert about the Christmas Truce. All Together Now is about the truce so you never know the song might capture the public’s imagination as it’s a wonderful story of peace and goodwill. We have drifted in the betting but let’s wait until people hear the track and see the video!”

As mentioned this is all for a good cause; tell us about the charities involved and why you chose those ones in particular.

“We chose the Red Cross/Red Crescent because of their brilliant humanitarian work not only in this country but around the world. However, they are often taken for granted as they have been around for so long and they’re a completely neutral/non-political organisation which was important given the sentiment of the song. For instance they are one the main organisations fighting Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, but are also carrying out fantastic work in Gaza, Syria, Ukraine and other war torn areas.

"The Shorncliffe Trust is an educational/heritage centre, which had close links to World War One so we thought it was essential to raise awareness/funds for their work as well and keep that link to history.”

Why is the Christmas Number 1 so important? And what’s your personal favourite Christmas single of all-time?

“My favourite Christmas single of all time would have to be the Fairy-tale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl. The Christmas Number 1 is so iconic/symbolic - that’s why it matters so much. People tend to remember the Christmas Number 1 more than any other song in the year.”

The Peace Collective's All Together Now is released on December 14. Click here to pre-order the single on iTunes

The Official Christmas Singles Chart Top 40 will be counted down on BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart Show with Jameela Jamil between 4 and 7pm on Sunday, December 21, with the full Top 100 posted on OfficialCharts.com at 7pm.



The Peace Collective interview with the BBC Breakfast team about #AllTogetherNow

December 08, 2014

The Peace Collective interview with the BBC Breakfast team about #AllTogetherNow


All Together Now Video

December 07, 2014

Check Out this amazing video with the single #AllTogetherNow

The official "International Video Edit" of all the performers will be posted this week.

I'm sure you will recognise who is singing the first line in the song (and many times throughout)

Watch Video Here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s6xtxrMzRk

All Proceeds to The Red Cross & The Shorncliffe Trust.


Pre Order The Record Now

☛ Mobile: Text GET PEACE to 84222 for £1 (UK Only)

☛ iTunes: http://bit.ly/peaceitunes

☛ Amazon (CD): http://bit.ly/peaceamazoncd

☛ Amazon (MP3): http://goo.gl/4qPbbr

☛ 7 Digital: http://goo.gl/EVZ7uX

All Proceeds to The Red Cross & The Shorncliffe Trust.

Produced By Simon Britton


Legend Engelbert Humperdinck to Play Hershey Theatre in March 2015

December 06, 2014

Legendary music artist Engelbert Humperdinck will make his Hershey Theatre debut on Tuesday, March 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets for this show are $35.00, $45.00, $55.00, $79.00 and $99.00 (tax and applicable fees apply) and are available at Hershey Theatre Box Office. They can be charged by phone at 717-534-3405 and online at www.HersheyEntertainment.com or www.TicketMaster.com.

More than 45 years after his massive hit "Release Me" reached #1 on the pop charts and created a worldwide frenzy, spending six full weeks at #1 and an incredible 56 weeks in the Top 50 in a single chart run, Engelbert's newest album comes as a celebration of his remarkable career which has spanned nearly five decades. After selling more than 150 million albums world-wide, including 24 certified with platinum status and 63 with gold, Engelbert has solidified his name as an international pop legend and has established himself as one of the world's most influential artists.

For more information, please visit http://www.engelbert.com.




Engelbert Humperdinck, Clean Bandit Collaborate on New Christmas Song All Together Now

November 30, 2014


The legendary Engelbert Humperdinck is part of an all-star cast with English electronic outlet Clean Bandit for a Christmas cover of The Farm’s All Together Now.

‘All Together Now’ will be released under the artist name ‘The Peace Collective’.

‘All Together Now’ features Alexandra Burke, Guy Chambers, Gorgon City, Gabrielle, The Proclaimers, Engelbert Humperdinck, Holly Johnson, John Power (Cast), Jah Wobble (PiL), Jane McDonald, I Am Kloot, Shara Nelson (Massive Attack), Amelle Berrabah (The Sugababes), the winner of The Voice 2014 Jermain Jackman, and The Farm.

Peter Hooton of The Farm wrote the song. The original song was first released in 1990. The new version will mark the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Day Truce of World War I. “I wrote All Together Now about the extraordinary events on Christmas Day 1914 when British and German troops took part in an unofficial truce, singing Christmas carols, exchanging gifts and even playing football,” Hooton said. “It was a spontaneous act of humanity that transcended the horrors and barbarity of World War One and is a story which still resonates 100 years on. It is a story of hope and peace which should be told over and over again. I’m so very proud that so many artistes from all styles of music and the football authorities have come together to promote peace and reconciliation this Christmas and raise funds for the brilliant work carried out by the British Red Cross and Shorncliffe Trust.”

‘All Together Now’ will be released on December 15. All proceeds will go to the British Red Cross and the Shorncliffe Trust.







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