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A Minute With: Emin and Engelbert Humperdinck on Elvis, duets and sideburns

February 07, 2024

Reuters February 7, 2024


LONDON, Feb 7 (Reuters) - Azerbaijani singer Emin reimagines 12 Elvis Presley songs for his new album "Now or Never", which includes a duet with veteran British performer Engelbert Humperdinck.

The two singers met in Baku in 2012 when Humperdinck, 87, represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In an interview with Reuters, Emin and Humperdinck spoke about their duet "Help Me Through The Night", performing together and Humperdinck sharing stories about knowing the "King of rock 'n' roll".

Below are excerpts edited for length and clarity.

Q: Emin, what was the idea behind the album?

Emin: “We wanted to give it all a very unified sound, very classical sound. We didn't want to rearrange the songs dramatically or make them sound contemporary. We just wanted to reinvent what's been done 50 or 60 years ago.

“...I think it's important to keep this music going."

Q: How did the duet come about?

Emin: “We were pretty much done with (the album) and Engie (Humperdinck) had a show in Los Angeles so I went to see him with my friends...we organised a dinner and I invited (music producer) David (Foster)...I think it was David who said, 'Engelbert, we...have never produced you'. He said 'yeah, it's a shame, maybe one day'. And that's me coming in, I said 'Guys, we have an opportunity, we're all in L.A. come on, let's do it'. And that's how the song came around."

Q: Engelbert, you must have shared some stories about Elvis?

Emin: “I bug Engie all the time...he's got a million stories...that include Elvis."

Humperdinck: “When you meet an artist or a star of his calibre for the first time, they usually just shake your hand but Elvis embraced me and that was the most touching moment of my life."

Q: And what about the sideburns?

Humperdinck: “I'm afraid Elvis did steal my sideburns but he was welcome to it and he made it more famous than I did."

Q: What was it like performing the song together in Baku?

Emin: “When we did our duet, it was a big surprise because it was the first time we performed 'Help Me Make It Through the Night'... Then (Humperdinck) stayed for like three or four more songs and the audience just went crazy for him."

Q: Engelbert, at nearly 88 you're recording music and still performing, you clearly love what you do.

Humperdinck: “I don't want to retire because what am I going to do, sit at home, watch television, no. I have a great following... very good, very staunch and I love them. And I'm going to keep going until God calls me."

Reporting by Marie-Louise Gumuchian, Editing by William Maclean




EMIN and Engelbert Humperdinck share big band cover of Help Me Make It Through The Night

February 07, 2024

The Shelbyville News February 7, 2024


EMIN and Engelbert Humperdinck have released a big band rendition of 'Help Me Make It Through The Night'.

The 44-year-old Azerbaijani singer - who was named the People's Artiste of Azerbaijan in 2018 - has joined forces with the 87-year-old balladeer on the cover for the Elvis tribute collection 'Now or Never', which arrives in full on Friday (09.02.24).

The record is produced by the legendary film composer David Foster - best known for his work with Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand and Aretha Franklin - who came out of retirement just for this project. 




It’s Now Or Never For Emin And Engelbert Humperdinck

February 05, 2024

The view from the Presidential Suite of the Hilton on Park Lane is stunning, laying out all of Central London beneath you. The luxury seems fitting when you’re meeting a pair of legends: Emin, World Music Awards winner and holder of the title of ‘People’s Artiste of Azerbaijan’, and Englebert Humperdinck, whose half a century in the music business has earned him sixty three gold and twenty four platinum records.

The duo’s story began last decade, when they both had musical commitments at the same events.”Twelve years ago, at Eurovision in Baku, Azerbaijan (which is my home country), I got a chance to meet Engy,” explains Emin. He uses a nickname for Humperdinck (pronounced ‘En-jee’) and broadly grins whenever he gets a chance to use it. At the time, Humperdinck was representing the UK in the contest with his song Love Will Set You Free and Emin was providing the half-time entertainment. “He was super nice to me,” continues Emin. “I approached him, introduced myself, my hands were shaking, my knees were weak…and he said ‘just sit down, relax’. We established a friendship and maintained it for all these years, and now we have a song together which I am absolutely grateful and happy about.” The single, Help Me Make It Through The Night, is a smooth and gentle ballad perfect for dreaming of the one you love.

For Emin, it’s been a long standing dream to collaborate with his friend. “[I first discovered his music] when I was a little kid. My mum was the biggest fan in the family, my grandpa used to give her vinyls of Engy and there’s a picture when my mum was fifteen – she’s now sixty seven – of her holding the vinyls with Englebert on it. He has the picture, he signed it for my mum at his show in New Jersey. For the first twenty years of my mature life I was listening to Elvis, Englebert, a little bit of Sinatra and Dean Martin, all these guys, and I absolutely adore all of them, and my absolute favourite is Elvis and Engy doesn’t mind me saying it in front of him.” Humperdinck smiles at the compliment. “Not at all,” he responds and waves his heavily-ringed hand magnanimously. “My absolute other favourite is Englebert. I’m very truthful, I think that these two are the best vocalists and artists on the planet.” He’d spend hours determining who made the best cover of his favourite songs. “I used to experiment in the days of audiotapes, and I had a double player. I used to make compilations – My Way done by Elvis, done by Tom Jones, done by Sinatra…an endless amount of names, and done by Englebert.

And I think the best version of My Way is done by him, and especially the live version of My Way. He has his own melody there! It’s unbelievable. He takes it to the stratosphere. My Way is a big song as is, but he makes it even bigger! I would do the same thing with other famous songs like Unchained Melody: Elvis’ version, the Righteous Brothers’ version, Englebert’s version…sometimes, in my mind, Elvis would be the ‘winner’ of the song, but sometimes it would be Englebert. Sinatra never won!” Emin’s devotion to the classics carried on past his childhood and through his teenage years. “Most of my friends when I was growing up in Baku and Moscow, and Switzerland where I studied, had posters of Tupac. They were listening to contemporary music and I was made fun of at that time because Elvis and Englebert, to some of the teenagers, were not trendy at that point. But now my friends that are my age now I’m in my forties, they’re a bit jealous of the fact I’m onstage and I have an audience, and they’re sitting in that audience listening to the music that they were making fun of twenty years ago!”

Emin’s new album, Now Or Never, is a reflection of his love of Elvis. Featuring his favourite songs in a full scale re-imagining, it’s a technicolour tribute to the King. Emin is very clear on what about Elvis’ music speaks to him. “Honesty”, he replies instantly when asked. “A lot of people can sing in the modern day, and you’d agree, Engy…” The older man nods emphatically. “…and vocally can do amazing things but there’s not as many that could that touch your heart and soul, especially singing the ballads, and deliver the song in a way where you want to listen to it over and over. That happened to me listening to Englebert with songs like Last Waltz or Love Story, which was originally recorded by Andy Williams I think…he has this personal touch when it comes to songs.” With hindsight it seemed like a natural progression from being a fan to recording his own takes on Presley’s ballads, and the genesis for the project came from ‘a conversation with David Foster’. The multi-Grammy Award-winning Canadian producer seems like a natural fit for this kind of album, considering he’s worked with Josh Grobanand Michael Bublé in the past. “I always wanted to do that,” Emin says, explaining his motivation behind Now Or Never, “but you have to have an amazing producer producing this album. Elvis is untouchable in a way, especially by someone not as well known as some other acts. We chose the songs and David has really delivered. He’s an incredible producer. We arranged the songs in a new direction but keeping the DNA of classic Elvis in there in my vocal.”

Over his twenty-three year career, Presley recorded over seven hundred songs, which surely must make choosing a comparatively small number for the album a challenge. “We wanted to pick some obvious hits that are Elvis’ signature songs like Can’t Help Falling In Love, Love Me Tender, It’s Now Or Never, but we also wanted to find some jewels that are not as famous. Until It’s Time For You To Go is a good example. Help Me Make It Through The Night [was a song] I always liked,” says Emin, “though I discovered it through Englebert as he used to perform it in the seventies and eighties as part of his set. I stole a little bit of his style on the recording!” Humperdinck joins the conversation, remembering his friend fondly. The singer speaks softly and gently in contrast to Emin’s animated enthusiasm, and with the aura of an elder statesman. He knows that Presley would be in favour of Now Or Never. “I’m sure he would [approve]. I think it’s the greatest form of flattery, to me, to record somebody else’s work, including being an impersonator. To do this song is the same feeling. I’ve done a lot of Elvis’ songs. I’m sure he’d say..” Humperdinck slips into a Mississippi accent for a moment to speak as his friend, “‘great job, Enge!’ He wouldn’t put me down or anything like that, he would just say ‘I’m grateful for you doing my songs’. I’m sure that’s the way he’d react.” “I also think that Elvis covered a lot of artists,” Eminpoints out, “[but] because he was so big and so talented, a lot of these songs we remember as Elvis’ songs. But initially, some of these songs are even from the thirties! Are You Lonesome Tonight was a German song which Elvis did in the fifties but was a twenty year old song at the time. You see, music has this inheritance from generation to generation and some great artists make it their own.”

It’s this legacy which we are left to consider as the vocalists are whisked away to their next commitments. The eighty seven year old Humperdinck is led straight into a Zoom interview while next door the forty four year old Emin thanks the pastry chefs for the custom dessert they have produced in honour of an album celebrating a musician born in 1935. The power of Elvis Presley’s music has united two men from different generations and nationalities, creating an album which carries the flame which he lit half a century ago.

EMIN‘s new album Now Or Never is out now featuring single Help Me Make It Through The Night with Engelbert Humperdinck. 

Interview with Emin and Englebert Humperdinck by Kate Allvey, photography by Louise Phillips. Rockshot Magazine




EMIN, Engelbert Humperdinck - Help Me Make It Through the Night

February 01, 2024

Good Morning Britain fans stunned by Engelbert Humperdinck’s real age saying ‘he looks great!’

February 01, 2024

The star opened up on a potential knighthood

Beth Allcock Published: 10:01, 1 Feb 2024 The Sun


GOOD Morning Britain fans were left stunned as Engelbert Humperdinck revealed his "real age" on the ITV show.

The Leicester-born singer is set to embark on a new world tour, complete with dates in Australia and Kuala Lumpur before he returns to home turf.

Cutting a suave figure in a black pinstripe suit jacket and glowing tan, Good Morning Britain viewers gushed how the star was "looking great" as he revealed he was 87.

One took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to post: "Engelbert looking great. 87 and still touring!"

A second put: "Engelbert does look good for his age."

A third then joked about the Release Me hitmaker's crop of brunette locks and quipped: "I hope my hair turns back to brown at 87."

As well as talking about his new tour, Engelbert opened up on his friendship with Elvis Presley as well as his new material with Eurovision singer Emin.

Joking about Wonder Of You singer Elvis drawing inspiration from his appearance Engelbert, real name Arnold George Dorsey, said: "He did take my sideburns off me.

"I was the first."

Back in 2021, we reported how Spanish Eyes singer Engelbert's wife had tragically died.

Just months later, we exclusively revealed the star was forced to cancel a slew of live tour dates after an illness left him "totally incapacitated."

At the time, a source told us: Due to a very unpleasant viral illness that left Engelbert completely incapacitated for a few days he had to cancel his shows in Manchester and Cambridge, however the star feels he is on the mend and expects to be able to resume his tour for tomorrow night’s Birmingham show."

They added: "Engelbert is one of the hardest working stars in showbiz and he got everyone worried when he got sick."

Engelbert’s lengthy career spans almost five decades and has seen him amassing a whopping 35 platinum albums and 64 gold.

As well as performing four times for the late Queen, he has played to a number of US presidents and heads of state worldwide.

On Good Morning Britain, he was then asked about a potential knighthood from a royal.

He replied: "Not yet, but I have got the MBE which I am quite happy with."

Host Ben Shephard said: "Surely a knight of the realm would be appropriate?" to which Engelbert said: "It would be lovely."




Engelbert Humperdinck Confirms September UK Shows For The Last Waltz Farewell Tour

January 31, 2024

Tuesday, 30 January 2024 Stereoboard.com  Written by Jon Stickler

Engelbert Humperdinck has announced the UK leg of The Last Waltz Farewell Tour.

The multi platinum-selling vocalist will perform at the London Palladium, Manchester Opera House, Birmingham Symphony Hall and Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall between September 8 and 12. Tickets go on general sale at 10am on Friday (February 2).

Humperdinck, who boasts a career spanning over 50 years and sales in excess of 140 million records, also has North American dates scheduled for February and June, and Australian shows in the diary for May. Tickets for those concerts are already on sale.

In 2023, he released the album 'All About Love', which includes renditions of Barry White's You’re The First, The Last, My Everything, and How Can You Mend A Broken Heart by The Bee Gees.

Engelbert Humperdinck Upcoming Tour Dates are as follows

Sun September 08 2024 - LONDON Palladium

Mon September 09 2024 - MANCHESTER Opera House

Tue September 10 2024 - BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall

Thu September 12 2024 - GLASGOW Royal Concert Hall




Engelbert Humperdinck announces grand farewell tour with Adelaide date

December 05, 2023

By Glam Adelaide Posted on December 4, 2023

In a momentous announcement that has stirred the hearts of music lovers worldwide, British icon Engelbert Humperdinck has revealed his plans for a grand farewell tour in May 2024. The legendary singer, whose illustrious career spans over five decades, is set to grace the stages of all Australian major capital cities for his final performances. Fans can expect a spectacular set list brimming with his greatest hits and beloved classics, promising a series of unforgettable nights.

With a staggering record of over 140 million albums sold, including 65 gold and 35 platinum records, Engelbert Humperdinck’s achievements in the music industry are nothing short of extraordinary. His accolades include four Grammy nominations, a Golden Globe, and coveted stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Las Vegas Walk of Fame, and Leicester Walk of Fame. His universal appeal has seen him perform for dignitaries such as the Queen, several presidents, and numerous heads of state.

Engelbert’s versatility as an artist is evident in his wide-ranging repertoire, which includes romantic ballads, movie theme songs, disco, rock, and even gospel. His distinctive voice has won the hearts of millions across the globe, but it’s not just his musical talent that endears him to fans. His charming sense of humor and self-deprecating wit have also played a significant role in connecting with a younger audience, as evidenced by the soaring numbers on his YouTube music videos and social media platforms.

Rising to fame alongside The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Engelbert quickly became a global sensation. His friendship with Elvis Presley is well-documented, with the two legends often performing each other’s songs. His chart-topping single ‘Release Me’ entered the Guinness Book of Records for its 56 consecutive weeks on the charts and was No. 1 in 11 countries. Engelbert’s passion for performing has never waned, as seen in his constant touring and joy in every stage appearance.

Engelbert’s timeless music continues to resonate with audiences of all ages, evoking a range of emotions and memories. His hit song ‘A Man Without Love’ recently featured in Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ Disney+ Series, and his tracks have appeared in Sony Pictures’ ‘Bullet Train’ and Netflix’s ‘Umbrella Academy’.

Last year, Engelbert’s contributions to music and charity were recognized with the prestigious Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), presented by Princess Anne.

The recent release of the documentary ‘Engelbert Humperdinck: The Legend Continues’ offers an intimate look into the life of this musical giant. Directed by Steven Murray, the film provides unprecedented access to Engelbert, his family, friends, and associates. Shot across two continents, it presents a heartwarming narrative that reveals the man behind the music.

As Engelbert Humperdinck prepares for his final tour, fans can anticipate a magical evening filled with iconic songs and an unmatched stage presence. This tour is not just a farewell; it’s a celebration of a legendary career that has touched the hearts of millions around the world.


Tuesday 14th May

QPAC, Brisbane QLD

Thursday 16th May

The Star, Gold Coast, QLD

Saturday 18th May

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide SA

Monday 20th May

Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW

Thursday 23rd May

Hamer Hall, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 25th May

Riverside Theatre – PCEC, Perth WA



The Legendary Engelbert Humperinck Announces His Last Ever Australian Tour

December 04, 2023

by PAUL CASHMERE on DECEMBER 4, 2023 Noise11.com


Music legend Engelbert Humperdinck will tour Australia in 2024 for the last time.


Engelbert will turn 88 just before the tour. He was born on 2 May, 1936. Those who saw him on his last Australian tour of 2019 know exactly how great the voice still is.

Engelbert’s first hit in Australia was ‘Release Me’ (no 3, 1967). His first number one was ‘The Last Waltz’ that same year. 

Engelbert hits in Australia included ‘’There Goes My Everything’, ‘Am I That Easy To Forget’, ‘A Man Without Love’, ‘Les Bicyclettes de Belsize’ and in 1976 the lnow classic ‘After The Lovin’.

Tuesday 14th May
QPAC, Brisbane QLD

Thursday 16th May
The Star, Gold Coast, QLD

Saturday 18th May
Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide SA

Monday 20th May
Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW

Thursday 23rd May
Hamer Hall, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 25th May
Riverside Theatre – PCEC, Perth WA




Engelbert Interview on KCAL News

November 16, 2023

‘Thespian of song’ Engelbert Humperdinck has new documentary about his life

November 15, 2023

Hosted by Steve Chiotakis Nov. 14, 2023 KCRW Greater LA

Arnold “Gerry” Dorsey’s name might not ring a bell to most, but his alter ego, Engelbert Humperdinck, should. The multiple platinum-selling performer has been at it for over 70 years, singing his heart out to crowds around the world. Just don’t call him a crooner. “I don't like the word. When I started singing, I had a three-and-a-half octave range, crooners don't have that,” Humperdinck proudly explains.

He refers to himself as a “thespian of song,” explaining that performing is so much more than just singing.

“Being an artist, you have to portray it in a way that actors do when they're in front of a camera,” Humperdinck explains of his approach to song. “You have to use your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your face, your actions, your body language. It's all acting, it's a performance.”

A new film about his life — Engelbert Humperdinck, The Legend Continues — premieres tonight at the Montalban Theater.





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