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February 02, 2022

Dear Fans,

It’s possible that an imposter contacted you, trying to scam you using my name or avatar, asking for money, donations or other currency. This person is not me. I have not and will not contact individuals and ask for any money or donations. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides guidance on what to do if you have wired money to a scammer.  You can visit https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/before-you-wire-money for more information.  Included below are the FTC’s recommendations on initial steps you can take:

If you sent money using a wire transfer company like MoneyGram or Western Union, contact that company right away. Tell them it was a fraudulent transfer. Ask them to reverse the wire transfer and give you your money back.

MoneyGram at 1-800-MONEYGRAM (1-800-666-3947)

Western Union at 1-800-325-6000

If you sent the wire transfer through your bank, contact them and report the fraudulent transfer. Ask if they can reverse the wire transfer and give you your money back.

You can also file a report online at https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/.  And, as a reminder, you can avoid a money wiring scam by never wiring money without first speaking to the person directly to confirm that both the request and the account information provided are valid.

Stay safe,

Engelbert Humperdinck

* This email is intended solely for informational purposes and is not intended to provide any legal advice. Engelbert Humperdinck has no ability to return any funds you have transferred to an individual or company impersonating Engelbert Humperdinck. Engelbert Humperdinck shall have no liability for your interactions with any imposter, including any transfer of funds.



Last Chance for a Video Meet & Greet with Engelbert!

January 14, 2022

Don't miss your chance to do a video meet and greet with Engelbert! This is your last opportunity to do a Looped Live Video Call Meet & Greet with him on January 19 at 2PM PT | 4PM CT | 5PM ET!

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Engelbert: A Merry Special Christmas

December 15, 2021

Published on Monday, 13 December 2021 22:32 Written by Bobbie Katz Vegas Insider Daily

The legendary King of Romance, Engelbert Humperdinck, will be home for Christmas and this Saturday, December 18th, you’ll find him where his lovelight streams – on Loopedlive.com, performing his 2nd Annual Christmas Special

The event is setting the stage on the heels of the success of the iconic international superstar’s 2020’s 1st Annual Christmas Special, which garnered hundreds of thousands worldwide views. Once again, you can count on hum to have you dreaming of a bright Christmas as he sings songs from three Christmas albums he has done in the past as well as some new tunes. And while his first Christmas special was streamed from his Bel Air, California, home, this year home will be the decorated proscenium in a nearby L.A, casino, giving him the opportunity to make his family-oriented show still warm and intimate but a lot different from last year’s.

“My 13-year-old granddaughter, Olivia, will again be singing a song from Nashville, where she lives with my daughter, Louise, and her husband, Tony,” Engelbert notes. “I believe that all three of them will fly in to spend Christmas with me. My son Brad will come over, too. I don’t want any presents. Material things don’t mean much. I just want my family here.”

This year has been a mixed bag for Engelbert with some rough-going both in the personal and professional sense. Besides contracting a serious case of COVID himself, he lost his beloved wife, Patricia, who suffered from Alzheimer’s and died from heart issues following her own bout with the virus. In his grief and without having her to come home to, after some months passed, he longed to get back on the road doing what he loves – performing live for his legions of fans. Though he suffered with some post-COVID issues, as soon as he was well enough, he performed eight shows on the East Coast and two in the L.A. area before setting off for a 14-show tour of the United Kingdom, only to have to cancel after four performances when he contracted viral bronchitis due to the weather there.

But there have been some glowing professional moments as well. Engelbert received the news that he was on The Queen’s Birthday Honour List and was being awarded an MBE for outstanding achievement or service to the community —he was appointed a Member to the Order of the British Empire -- which “thrilled and touched” him. Then a video of his song “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” a duet featuring British singer Janet Devlin from his 2020 EP “Sentiments,” sailed past two million views. He also received an honorary plaque from You Tube for surpassing 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. In addition, he just released his new EP, “Regards.” On it are four tracks: “Funny How Time Slips Away,” Let It Be Me,” “What a Wonderful World,” “Smile,” and a Bonus Track, “Blue Christmas.”

It goes without saying that this Christmas will be poignant and nostalgic for Engelbert. He notes that while his family used to have their traditions that things have changed because of the loss of his wife.

“Things are very different at this point in my life,” the handsome artist explains. “I miss my wife very much. I am in Bel Air in this big house and as I talk, my voice is ringing through rooms of emptiness. Everything stopped but my performing. I just want to get out and work and sing my songs.”

When it comes to the holiday, Engelbert still has fond memories of his own childhood and growing up the second youngest child and youngest son among seven sisters and two brothers. His father was a Colonel in the British Army stationed in India when Engelbert was born and he was raised in India until the family moved back to England when he was 10. He credits his parents with the happiness that pervaded the household and reminisces about his family celebrating Christmas when he was a child.

“Any presents we got, we loved,” he recalls. “When we were living in India, I got a cricket bat. I put it under my pillow for six weeks and slept with it because it was so special.”

“If I could tell young people one thing, it would be to be good to your parents and don’t disrespect them – they are the most important people in this while wide world,” he adds.”When you’re young, you don’t think of parents as being one-offs or that anything is going to happen to them. You take life for granted. It wasn’t hard growing up in a family of 10 siblings. My parents made out lives wonderful.”

Saying that he feels that he and his wife did a great job of raising their four children, he also admits that it wasn’t easy because he was always on the road trying to maintain his career and status as a global entertainer.

“It wasn’t good for my home life –I spent a lot of time on the phone with my family,” he admits. “But it was my job and I had to do it to keep a roof over their heads and keep them comfortable and give the kids a good education. Whether they stayed close to us or not as they grew up was up to them. I will always have love for them.”

As for the approaching New Year, Engelbert is planning a full touring schedule, including a tour of Europe and making up the dates from his U.K. tour. He is hoping that things will fully open up again with this year’s audiences having been limited by the venues to 60-65 percent capacity, a bit heartbreaking for an artist used to performing to enthusiastic sold-out crowds. He is also talking about designing a new format for his live performances and doing a LP country album.

Some of my early songs, such as “Release Me,” were country.” he explains. “They came out of Nashville. There will be some original songs on the album, too.”

Then there is the live streaming. This Christmas special will be the fourth video performance he has done, the first one garnering 250,000 views from the git-go.

“It’s a new thing for me, a new avenue for me to go down,” Engelbert, who is always learning new things and keeping up with the times, exclaims. “I love doing videos on Looped Live. I love always keeping in touch with people. I do a video meet-and-greet after the show – it gives me a great opportunity to talk to the fans. I consider them friends.”

There is no question that, physical presents aside, to his multitudes of followers, Engelbert is the gift that keeps on giving – all year round.

Tickets for Engelbert's 2nd Annual Christmas Special can be purxhasws at Bit.ly/EHLooped2021




Engelbert Humperdinck to film Christmas special at Agua Caliente Rancho Mirage

November 30, 2021

Brian Blueskye Palm Springs Desert Sun November 29, 2021

It's been a rough year for British crooner Engelbert Humperdinck. 

The 85-year-old singer — known for his takes on songs such as "Release Me" and "The Last Waltz" — and his wife, Patricia Healey, were diagnosed with COVID-19 in early 2020. Healey, who also suffered from Alzheimer's disease, died after being infected. 

But Humperdinck recovered and, as an active user of social media, spent the year sharing stories of his life as well as live performances from home. Earlier this year, he returned to the stage. 

Humperdinck will be stopping by Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage at 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 4. The concert is being filmed for his second annual Christmas special airing at noon Dec. 18 over loopedlive.com

Humperdinck spoke to The Desert Sun about utilizing social media to communicate with fans, his wife's death and surviving COVID-19. The following interview was edited for length and clarity. 

THE DESERT SUN: Lately you've done several Instagram and YouTube videos sharing things about your life and singing some of your classic songs. Is this outlet and communication with your fans something new for you? 

ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK: I've been doing that (on Facebook) for quite some time now. This is the only way I could share my life with the rest of the world while we had this pandemic going on. I guess it was very instrumental in keeping me in touch with people and the fans around the world.

Did you have a lot more interaction with your audience than you normally would?

I guess social media brought this about. We created that thing on Facebook called "Tuesday Museday." It was created by my daughter and it was a very clever idea. There's big numbers every every week from people around the world. Of course I share that with Instagram too. This last year and a half has been a very trying year, not only for me, but of course for everybody else too. I had a loss this year, my wife. I lost her in February, and it's been very hard for me. (My wife) was always a person who stood behind me in my career. I don't think she would want me to sit idle and waste whatever life I have, and she would want me to do what I do and love to do, and of course, be in touch with my fans around the world.

You had COVID-19 at the beginning of the year. What was it like for you? 

It was horrible. I had long COVID, and as soon as I got it, my doctor got me on monoclonal antibodies. I think that more or less did a good job of saving me, because having long COVID means that it would have affected me a lot differently. Had I not gotten monoclonal antibodies, it would have been quite horrendous. I'm glad it's all over with and I can sing again, thank god. 

How do you feel being back on stage again? 

I've done nine concerts so far this year, and it's been very successful. When I read my feedback on my Facebook and Instagram, they've been excellent. I'll be traveling to the United Kingdom to do 14 more concerts this year before the tour ends. 

What do you love about performing in the Coachella Valley?

I've always had an amazing time. I look forward to it each time I go there and this is going to be special for me this year, a little different mind you without the lady behind me, but I'm sure we'll get through it and do the right thing.

Do you have plans to record new material? 

I'm in the process of making plans for a new album, but it's going to be a country album this time. It's been a while since I've done country music and that's what's on our program for next year. 

What's your favorite country song?

When I first started in show business, my first hit was a country song called "Release Me," which of course was in the Guinness World Records because it was No. 1 on the charts around the world and it stopped the Beatles from having a No. 1. It has a great history of stuff that happened at that particular time.

Country music packs an emotional punch. There are podcasts telling the stories behind some of the genre's legendary songs and how they were recorded. Do you ever connect with some of the stories behind the ones you record?

Well, my first one has a great story because it was recorded about six times and it was written and released in 1949. Of course, I did it in 1967. It was a hit many times prior to that, especially by Ray Price and he was a great country singer. When he went on stage, he always used to tell his audience, "This song was mine before Engelbert Humperdinck came along and made it heard around the world, but I'm still going to sing it." He always paid me a nice compliment on that score. I've had country songs like "There Goes My Everything" and "Am I That Easy To Forget." Most of my early hits were of a country nature, so I figured all these many years later, I would repeat that performance by recording some country songs.

Has there ever been a song you've wanted to record and couldn't because it didn't sound right or you couldn't get the rights to do it?

I'll be honest with you, there's a story about how I went to Spain and visited Bert Kaempfert's home, and he gave me some songs. He gave me "Spanish Eyes," "Strangers in the Night and "Wonderland by Night." I went back to London and I recorded all three songs, and then my manager (Gordon Mills) said to me, "You can't have 'Strangers in the Night." I said, "Why? I've already recorded it and it's a hit song, Gordon." He said "You can't have it because Sinatra wants it." He had a No. 1 with it if you can believe that. I lost my chance of having another one with "Strangers In the Night"  because I knew it was a hit song when I got it from Bert, but unfortunately Mr. Sinatra was more powerful. His words were more powerful. So, he won the battle.

You can't argue with the "Chairman of the Board."

You can't do that, no. He did a great job on it.

What would you like for the fans to know about this upcoming concert?

My show is trialed and tested around the world. All my standards are chosen very carefully because I know which ones people want to hear, therefore I incorporate them in the show, but I also put a lot of new material in to keep them interested in what I'm doing in the present moment. 

If you go

What: Engelbert Humperdinck

When: 8 p.m., Dec. 4

Where: Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage, 32-250 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage

Cost: $45 to $65 



Engelbert Humperdinck: Letter to My Younger Self

November 27, 2021

JANE GRAHAM 27 Nov 2021 The Big Issue

He’s the much-loved crooner from Leicester with a career spanning almost six decades and a legion of adoring fans. Yet on his first date, when he was just 17 and before he was known as Engelbert Humperdinck, the object of his affections ran away when she heard him sing. Jane Graham spoke to him before his UK tour was cancelled for this week’s Letter To My Younger Self. He hopes to reschedule dates for next year.

I left school when I was 15 and I had to take an apprenticeship in an engineering factory. I hated it, but it was my father’s wish that I should have a good engineering job. I did it for about a year but my wish was to be in showbusiness. I didn’t know at the age of 16 that I was going to be a singer though.

It was a year later, when I was 17, that I got up and sang in a club and people liked it. I just got up and sang, because I had courage after having a pint of beer, which I shouldn’t have had. The people stood up, and they never did that when I played the saxophone. Then they came over and asked, who’s your agent? I said, I’m not in showbiz. So that gave me a signal. I thought to myself, I must follow this up. So I started singing in working men’s clubs.

I grew up very reserved. I was very shy as a young boy – extremely shy. When I was very young, the only way I could sing for my family was if I was behind the curtain or under a table or behind the door. My first date – my one and only first date – was when I was 17.

We went to the park and she asked me what I did, and I said I’m going to be a singer. And she said, will you sing a song to me? I said, I will if I can turn my back. I turned my back and I sang this song Wanted – “Wanted / someone to kiss me / and hold me closely”. Then I turned around, and she’d gone. She skedaddled. That’s the one and only date I had, because I had to go into the army when I was 18.

If you met me when I was 16 you wouldn’t think much of me. I was pretty much a loner. When other kids used to go and play in the street or go to the park for a cricket match, I would be home alone studying my saxophone or for my exams. The kids in the street never came to call for me like they used to call for my brother, so I felt left out. But I didn’t mind that because I had other things on my mind, things I wanted to fulfil in my life.

Being in the army from age 18 to 20 made me more manly. I was still shy, but I was more capable of handling my personality. I thought it was very good for me, it really brought me out of my shell. My father was an army man so it wasn’t new to me to join the service. I loved the two years that I did and it made me a better person.

I come from a family of 10. So my father had his own battalion to command! And he did a great job – he brought us all up very well. When I didn’t become an engineer it upset him a little but when I was successful as a singer he was so proud of me. Because I took his name and my new name around the world [for his first decade as a singer he was known as Gerry Dorsey, before changing his name to Engelbert Humperdinck in 1965]. He was very proud of that.

I was determined to be a singer but my nerves were pretty bad. I was brought up in a very strict fashion, and therefore there was always some kind of a fear that if I didn’t do something right, I’d be punished. Not severely, but I’d be reprimanded for it. At school I couldn’t learn because I was a dreamer. My head would be staring out the window instead of staring at the page I was supposed to be reading. I was daydreaming, looking at the future before it really happened for me. And I suffered for that, because when success came along I wasn’t able to handle the business side of it.

I started courting at the age of 20, with my darling wife whom I lost recently [Patricia Healey died in February after contracting Covid-19]. My father used to say to her, tell him to get a proper job. And she said, Dad, he’ll do what he wants to do. He is a very stubborn person. He wants to be in showbusiness and he’s going to keep trying until he gets in. Of course it took a few years – it was 1967 before I had a hit song, Release Me. But it went to number one all around the world, and it gave me a global career. That song carried me through my life. I’ve had many, many, many hits since then. From 1967 to 1974 I sold 120 million albums. I’m so thankful to be in showbusiness because music has given me a passport to the world and I’ve been able to go around it several times. It’s just a wonderful vocation.

It’s always too late to say, ‘I wish I’d known then what I know now.’ My advice to my younger self would be: listen to what your parents say – studying is the most important thing. Get educated, and your life will be easier. Don’t get taken in like I was taken. Ignorance is a terrible thing and I regret to say that my ignorance caused a lot of heartache in my life. I lost fortunes, my dear. Fortunes. [It was alleged that, unbeknown to him, Humperdinck’s longtime manager Gordon Mills used millions of pounds of his earnings to pay off gambling debts in the 1960s]. I’d say to younger me: make sure you know what’s good, put it down on paper and make it legal.

I didn’t really understand a lot about what was going on when I first got successful and that’s probably one of the reasons why I’m not a better man now. I was in a company that owned so many things – hotels and marinas and aeroplanes and the Burger Kings. I had to renege all that to get out of my management policy. I had to start all over again. The man who did that to me is no longer around. God took him. But thank god I’m still here, and still making a good living. [Humperdinck has variously been estimated to have a net worth of £67 million, £100m and even £135m]. I’m touring again and I’m enjoying what I do. I don’t work as hard as I used to. At one time I was doing 300 concerts a year. Now I’m just doing about 80 or 90. But I want to keep going until God calls me.

I have many happy memories of my parents. Whenever I appeared in my home town of Leicester they came to see me, and there was a time when I took them to see me in Las Vegas. It was wonderful to see my mother and father stand up in a booth and take a bow, and my mother waved a little handkerchief. It was just an amazing time for me, a time I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I’ve had many idols in my life, and I got to meet quite a few of them, like Elvis. I’ve met presidents and I’ve met lots of people. But the one person I would have loved to have met and had a conversation with is the great John Wayne. As a kid I often watched the western movies and I was a big fan. I just felt that this man had everything. I just loved him as a person. I’ve met people like James Stewart, Edward G Robinson – all these people. But I never met John Wayne.

I considered my wife my soulmate. She was very instrumental in my early years. She supported me a great deal. I think at this time, now, she would want me to do what I do best. So I’m back to touring. And I’m doing it for her. It’s going to be very, very difficult. Because most of my songs are very touching and have lyrics that are very heartfelt. They all have a new reading now as far as I’m concerned. It’s going to be hard, but I’ve got to have the ability to fulfil the rest of my life in this way.

I’m not so nervous now because I have experience in life, but before I walk on stage I’m still nervous. My hands are cold. My feet are cold on the ground. I’m hitting notes backstage that nobody can hear out there, on and on until they mention my name. Then I walk on and there’s five minutes of nerves and it all goes away. That’s where I feel safe now, when I’m on stage. Because that is something I’ve wanted all my life and I’ve been given the opportunity and I take advantage of it and I feel safe. My stage is my platform of joy.

Engelbert Humperdinck hopes to reschedule his UK tour for next year.



Engelbert Humperdinck Releases New Surprise EP Regards Featuring Live-Set Favorites

November 20, 2021

Legendary vocalist, Engelbert Humperdinck is closing out 2021 with a surprise EP, Regards available on November 19th via OK!Good Records.

Regards features new studio recordings of songs Engelbert debuted on his recent Live at Home” YouTube Special, which has hit over 300,000 views in its first month. The 5-track release includes covers of Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away”, “Let It Be Me” made famous by The Everly Brothers, and Louis Armstrong’s timeless hit “What A Wonderful World.

The EP also includes an ‘Orchestral Version’ of the fan-favorite “Smile” (Charlie Chaplin) from Engelbert’s previous EP Sentiments (2020). Also included is the festive bonus track “Blue Christmas” where the singer updates his friend, Elvis Presley’s classic with a Texas Two Step arrangement.

Click to Order Regards CD | Stream/Download


  1. Funny How Time Slips Away

  2. Let It Be Me

  3. What A Wonderful World

  4. Smile (Orchestral Version)

  5. Blue Christmas




Autographed Engelbert Humperdinck 2022 Wall Calendars are Now Available!

November 12, 2021

Kick-off the New Year with an AUTOGRAPHED Engelbert Humperdinck 2022 wall calendar, available exclusively from the OK!Good Records Shop! Signed by Engelbert Humperdinck himself, this limited edition calendar is a must-have for Engelbert fans and is sure to become a collector’s item. The autographed Engelbert Humperdinck 2022 wall calendar is extremely limited in stock, so don’t wait! Purchase a limited edition autographed wall calendar from The OK!Good Records Shop for $49.95 plus shipping and handling.

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*Please note that the “Regards” Holiday Gift Set does NOT include the AUTOGRAPHEDEngelbert Humperdinck 2022 wall calendar**


Letter from Engelbert

November 10, 2021

​​ My Dear Fans,

I am so upset in having to relate to you that we have to cancel our UK tour. I have come down with a viral bronchial infection & am being treated for it now. This has never happened before and I so much wanted to see all of you in the 14 cities. We are going to reschedule the shows for early next year. Stay well and remember……I love you.


Engelbert Humperdinck to Release Regards Covers EP

November 09, 2021

The EP will be released on November 19.

by Michael Major Nov. 9, 2021  Broadway World Music

In support of his current UK tour legendary vocalist, Engelbert Humperdinck is closing out 2021 with a surprise EP REGARDS available on November 19, 2021 via OK!Good Records.

Regards features new studio recordings of songs Engelbert debuted on his recent "Live at Home" YouTube Special, which has hit over 300,000 views in its first month. The 5-track release includes covers of Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away", "Let It Be Me" made famous by The Everly Brothers, and Louis Armstrong's timeless hit "What A Wonderful World."

The EP also includes an 'Orchestral Version' of the fan-favorite "Smile" (Charlie Chaplin) from Engelbert's previous EP Sentiments (2020). Also included is the festive bonus track "Blue Christmas" where the singer updates his friend, Elvis Presley's classic with a Texas Two Step arrangement.

The "King of Romance", as Engelbert is lovingly nicknamed by his legion of fans, recently celebrated over 50 years in show business. With his most recent albums The Man I Want to Be (2017), Warmest Christmas Wishes (2018) and the EPs Reflections (2019) and Sentiments (2020), Engelbert has shown another side of his talent by picking more introspective songs that connect with his life's experience. His new music has opened a new chapter in the legend's career as he continues to inspire and connect with fans of all ages.

Engelbert is closing out a busy 2021 which included tour dates in the United States and United Kingdom, along with being awarded MBE honors for his services to Music during the Queen's Birthday Honors in June of this year. Most recently the singer was awarded a Silver Play Button by YouTube to commemorate his 100,000 Subscribers on his Channel, powered by his weekly 'Tuesday Museday' vlogs, 'Flashback Friday' episodes and 'Live at Home' Specials.



The Engelbert Humperdinck ‘Regards’ Holiday Gift Set Is Now Available!

November 05, 2021


Surprise your favorite Engelbert Humperdinck fan this holiday season with the unforgettable “Regards” Holiday Gift Set, now available to purchase from The OK!Good Records Shop!

This stunning gift set includes a limited edition Engelbert Humperdinck 2022 wall calendar, an autographed Engelbert Humperdinck Holiday Greeting Card, Engelbert’s upcoming EP, “Regards” (out November 19th), and a small mystery gift. This limited edition gift set is elegantly packaged in your choice of a gold or white gift box with festive red and green crinkle fill, and accented with a gold elastic ribbon!

The Regards Holiday Gift Set includes:

An Autographed Engelbert Humperdinck Holiday Greeting Card

A Limited Edition Engelbert Humperdinck 2022 Wall Calendar

Engelbert Humperdinck’s new EP, “Regards”

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Remember I Love YouRemember I Love You
Getting SentimentalGetting Sentimental
You and Your LoverYou and Your Lover
Misty BlueMisty Blue
Don't You Love Me Anymore?Don't You Love Me Anymore?
A Merry Christmas with Engelbert HumperdinckA Merry Christmas with Engelbert Humperdinck
Love’s Only LoveLove’s Only Love
Engelbert Sings the HitsEngelbert Sings the Hits
This Moment in TimeThis Moment in Time
Love LettersLove Letters
The Last of the RomanticsThe Last of the Romantics
A Time For UsA Time For Us
Engelbert Sings For YouEngelbert Sings For You
Christmas TymeChristmas Tyme
After the Lovin’After the Lovin’
The World of Engelbert HumperdinckThe World of Engelbert Humperdinck
Engelbert Humperdinck His Greatest HitsEngelbert Humperdinck His Greatest Hits
My LoveMy Love
Engelbert King of HeartsEngelbert King of Hearts
In TimeIn Time
Live at the Riviera Las VegasLive at the Riviera Las Vegas
Another Time, Another PlaceAnother Time, Another Place
We Made It HappenWe Made It Happen
Engelbert HumperdinckEngelbert Humperdinck
A Man Without LoveA Man Without Love
Last WaltzLast Waltz
Release MeRelease Me